Hear what our clients have to say

"When we started selling Sleeptracker, I knew the shipping demands would be much more than we could handle in-house so I went looking for a distribution center. We began a relationship with Jentre Direct and have not looked back since. Linda Lorenz is the best. Her personal attention to details have saved us on too many times to count. We literally could not run our business without her."
Lee Loree, Managing Partner, Innovative Sleep Solutions

"I worked with Jentre Direct for over 10 years and greatly appreciated the assets they brought to my business. Their expertise was invaluable to my company's growth and their flexibility from project to project saved money and increased my profits."
Jennifer Labarthe - Former owner of Carrot Marketing

"My company has been working with Jentre Direct for many years now.  We are a small company, but still have the needs of a much larger company!  The capabilities at Jentre have been very extensive and impressive.  There is never a request that they have not been able to accommodate, and quickly!  The staff is delightful to work with, as well as always being accessible, professional and immediate with all requests.  Having Jentre be our fulfillment warehouse has been a huge burden lifted, and acts as an extension of our own company.  I would recommend them to any businesses large or small!"
Emily M. Wolfson 
Conversation Pieces, Inc.

"I would like to tell you about Jentre Direct. We are there for one reason, the Managment Staff. The Management Staff is perhaps one of the nicest group of people I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. I find them to be trustworthy, honest, and no matter what the task they have always delivered.
 I would tell you that anyone would be lucky to have Jentre Direct on their team. The attention and care I have received over the past 2 years gives me 1 less thing to worry about."
Ranger - Stuffitts

"A few years ago, we looked for a fulfillment agency that would be able to help us distribute books in the USA. We were lucky enough to find Jentre. Having worked with many fulfillment agents it was a relief to start working with Jentre. They are extremely reliable, yet accommodating enough to be flexible when something important or difficult needs to be done. We find it a pleasure to work with Jentre."